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Digital Preservation LLC
Capturing History 25 Years!
Digital Preservation LLC ...
         "Capturing History for the Future, One Page at a Time"


Specializing in Digitization of Archival Materials including ...

Historic Material        Fragile Documents

Maps                             Photographs

Rare Books                  Glass Plate Negatives

Original Art                 Artifacts

Land Plats                   Blueprints

Our Clients include ... 

Libraries                      Universities

Historical Societies   Museums

Foundations               Religious Archives

Genealogists               Government Agencies

               Family Historians

We create our files utilizing high-resolution digital capture backs on medium or large format cameras. Our digital reformatting scenario provides minimum material stress and has proven effective on all types and sizes of material.

From stamps to maps, ten feet wide, and everything in between, we have successfully created the highest quality digital files for twenty-five years, delivering over one million!

Our only area of concern is assisting with your digital imaging project, we do not sell cameras, scanners, printers, paper or ink! 

All work is guaranteed and adheres to the Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative, Revised May 2023.

If you wish to discuss a potential digitization project, large or small, please contact me directly. Thank you for your consideration!

 Bob Lyner
314 378-8054