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Digital Collections by Digital Preservation


Atlanta History Center Album - http://album.atlantahistorycenter.com/

Fontbonne University / The Font Student Newspaper - http://www.fontbonne.edu/academics/library/the_font__digitized/

Hannible Free Public Library / Blacks in Northeast Missouri -http://digital.hannibal.lib.mo.us/

Hannible Free Public Library / Immigrant Community of Ilasco, Missouri -http://digital.hannibal.lib.mo.us/ilasco/ilasco.htm

Hannible Free Public Library / The Mark Twain Zephyr - http://hannibal.lib.mo.us/mtzeph/home.htm

Jackson Heritage Association / Photograph Collection - http://wallart.jacksonpast.com/p452160759

Kansas City Public Library / South Central Business Association - http://www.kchistory.org/cdm4/browse.php?CISOROOT=/South

Kansas City Public Library / Sanborn Map Collection - http://www.kchistory.org/cdm4/browse.php?CISOROOT=%2FSanborn&x=18&y=11

Missouri State Archives / Charles Elliot Gill Photograph Collection - http://www.sos.mo.gov/archives/mdh_splash/default.asp?coll=gill

Missouri State Archives / Registre d'Arpentage - http://www.sos.mo.gov/archives/mdh_splash/default.asp?coll=registre

St. Louis Public Library / Steedman Architectural Collection - http://exhibits.slpl.org/steedman/index.asp

Washington University / Shiele Civil War Prints Collection - http://luna.wustl.edu:8180/luna/servlet/Schiele~16~7

Washington University / Whipple Map Collection - http://digital.wustl.edu/w/whi/process.html

Digital Preservation Awarded Missouri’s Digital Imaging Contract (an each year since)



 *Please note, we only deliver the highest quality Tiff and derivative image files obtainable and are not responsible for the method of access or quality level an organization deems suitable for their on-line exhibit.

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