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Digital Preservation LLC
Capturing History 25 Years!
Our History ...

It only seems like a few years since I was asked if I could digitize a map. It was a reasonable request as I had spent most of my career in commercial image creation and reproduction field, first film, then digital.

At the time , however, digital imaging was restricted to small format output, due to equipment limitations. After considerable equipment testing, and some soul searching, I was able to successfully fulfill the request, digitizing 100 large format maps, at actual size.

This experience illustrated to me the need for high quality, high resolution digital imaging options for archival repositories. Since then, 1998, I have dedicated my time and talent to providing those services to libraries, universities, historical societies, religious organizations, and various government entities.

I take great pride knowing, over the last twenty-five years, Digital Preservation LLC, has been involved in the digital preservation of historic, special collection materials of all types, sizes, shapes, mountings, bindings, conditions and ages, allowing access to our history!

My goal has been to digitally capture history for the future, one page at a time. This is exactly what we are doing, with over one million digital files delivered, and still counting!

What makes Digital Preservation Unique ...
                                               25 Years Experience!

I would like to acknowledge my gratitude to the Missouri State Archives. Our sixteen year contractual relationship, 2002-2018, provided unparalleled experience and education regarding fragile material handling, preservation, and the need for patience in the process! 

DIGITAL PRESERVATION LLC has provided on-site digital imaging services for the St. Louis Public Library, since 2008. Fulfilling the need for high quality digital files for Special Collections, Exhibits, Marketing, and Patron requests.

Our files are created with cameras and high resolution digital backs. Digital image captures are far superior to scans from a flat bed and roller scanners. 

DIGITAL PRESERVATION LLC has the experience, technical expertise and dedication to understand the fragile paper nature of our past and to deliver the highest quality digital image files currently obtainable.

Diversity of project experiences has required DIGITAL PRESERVATION LLC to remain flexible and on the technological edge in approaching new projects. We tailor our solution and hardware specifically for each project based on the client’s goals, type of items to be digitally formatted and cost effectiveness.

We have experience digitizing and handling the following categories:

Large Format Maps, Etchings, Watercolors, Oils, Lithographs, Rotogravures, Illuminated Manuscripts, Sheet Music, Photographs, Negatives, Glass Plates Negatives, Lantern Slides, Stereographs, Land Plats, Architectural Renderings, Blueprints, Mosaics, Postcards, Coins, Stamps, Rare Books and Artifacts.